Payroll & Quickbooks Pricing


Online Payroll Processing: Base price is $50 per month.  It goes up based on additional employees.  (Our prices are about 30% cheaper than ADP or Paychex, and 40% cheaper than Quickbooks Payroll).

We also handle all the tax deposits and tax reporting on a federal state, unemployment, city and school level so that you don’t have to worry about it.  We are one of the only payroll processors who covers all of that.

After-the-Fact and Custom Payroll Processing: $50-$75 per hour

Quickbooks Essentials (with two year price lock)- $60 per month

Quickbooks Plus ( (with two year price lock)- $90 per month

(You can get the same price by going through Quickbooks, but it doesn’t come with the same two year price lock guarantee).

Quickbooks Setup: Free for business clients, $75 per hour for non-business clients

Quickbooks Training: $75 per hour (Special Group Pricing Available)