Tax Preparation Prices

Price varies depending on the complexity of the return (more forms and itemized deductions equals higher price), but we would like to give a price range so that you have an idea of what to expect. Typically, our prices are about 70% less than the national chains, such as H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt.


1040 Standard Package (Federal, State, and School)– Includes W-2’s, Social Security, and retirement income


1040 Deluxe Package (Federal, State, and School) Includes W-2’s, Retirement income, Social Security income, Form 8862 (for Earned Income Credit and Child tax credit), Education credits, Schedule A (itemized deductions), Schedule B (interest and dividends), Schedule D (capital gains).

$165- $250

Business Schedules– Schedule C (self-employment), Schedule E (rental properties), Schedule F (farm)

$50 and up

1040 X Amended Returns

$75 and up

City Returns


Out of State Returns


Fee Collect (optional): Takes our fee out of your refund so that you pay nothing today. We don’t charge for this service but the bank charges a fee (also taken out of your refund).